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When #UndercoverBoss low key has you in tears and your girl think you puss 😂🤣😭
@WhiteCastle Currently watching your #UndercoverBoss episode and salvating over your burgers! Wish you had some loc…
@DeionSanders watching #Undercoverboss all the way in Cape Town. One of the best I've seen! Thank you :-)
.@undercover_cbs I'm going to need about $57 for the @Kleenex I've went through watching your show on @netflix. #undercoverboss
#undercoverboss be like here’s 10 thousand dollars plus another 10 thousand dollars I’m just wondering where my 10 thousand dollars is. 😂
#undercoverboss #donatos episode got me crying like I’m chopping onions
I can never make it through an episode of #UnderCoverBoss w/o crying! 😫😢
@DeionSanders #undercoverboss God Bless You! Just watched the show & feel so inspired. If we all would find a way t…
@DeionSanders watch your #undercoverboss segment. You the man. You inspire me to give and appreciate life. #21
@DeionSanders What an inspiration! I'm speechless. #UnderCoverBoss
#UndercoverBoss Celebrity Edition got me in tears 😭 omg!
Are you really interested in your staff as a director? Are you willing to listen sincerely to their stories and lea…
that fat sack of potatoes Falstaff still thinks we friends lol cba to do another robbery w/ that imbecile so let’s…