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RT @Heritage: A determined Senate majority can still make the 115th Congress a victory for an independent, impartial judiciary. https://t.c
@RonBrownstein read your article on Perdue. wondering what do you think about ?
RT @chicos1961: H.R. 7115 Proposed ban on 80% lowers, parts kits, home gunsmithing, etc. #HR7115 #HouseDemocrats #AntiGunners #PayAttention
Just so you all know, this has been introduced. Call your representatives
RT @SenateGOP: Senate Republicans in the 115th Congress are getting things done. ➡️ Growing our economy ➡️ Combating opioids ➡️ Confirming…
RT @danielschuman: Turns out there’s a bill on this. Several. See HR 6880.