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there's so many black people going missing. Y'all aren't about to snatch me up.
In fact, after me, several people spoke about these very same points all day!
RT @tori_kaitlyn1: I just want someone who's all about me loll
RT @michaelsclair: Love the dude sitting near me in a Mexico jersey and USA hat. That's what this event/LA/the country is all about.
RT @WWE: Save #205Live for tomorrow... TONIGHT after #RAW it's all about "#405Live" on a new #WWERideAlong on @WWENetwork!
FLASHBACK.. getting all nostalgic about our little venture that grew into Milly and Eugene. Never afraid of...
RT @LiliSurayaaaaa: I hv ex that told his mom everything about me, but ended up he's cheating on me. So this statement is not valid for all…
A lot of people have been calling me ma'am recently. I'm very distressed about it and don't like it at all.
RT @IPlay4God: I want to be the player that all the teams I've played remember me as the one player that was amazing. The one our coaches w…
She used to tell me stories about how she was 17 when she had my brother and was homeless so she would ride on the bus with him all day.
I was worried about what all of you thought of me for a long time but I realised I don't care
RT @UpAllNiteCo: been talking with my boys about the upcoming merch we've got coming for y'all ! as they get it to me I'm gonna get it to y…
@_FxCKTweets ain't do shit but lie about taking us places and buy us all matching Jordan's like we live off shoes bih run me some money
@seanmdav are you f*ing kidding me?? Send all the dems in this country to North Korea!! I am so sick of them not caring about Americans!!
RT @___jlc: lol y'all females kill me getting mad about a nigga that don't even belong to you 🤦🏾‍♀️