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RT @Lee_Carrie: Can’t stand a Chipotle worker who gotta scream “extra chicken” down the line. How does it feel being the feds? 🙄
RT @jayda__________: “The major that she majored in don’t make no money, but she won’t dropout her parents will look at her funny” WHEW!…
RT @devonte601: Was on my way to being a 1st Gen college grad, then my parents graduated 5 months before me. Proud son💪🏾
RT @DjFrisco954: This Snippet Went Way Harder Than Tunnel Vision & Zeze 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥
RT @_JustJones__: Many dream, some try but I achieved. Confetti on my feet as we celebrate the end of the undergrad journey🎓
@cawntoo Insult someone. Cheating will only get you a short timeout kek
RT @e_l_222: あれとこれの いいところだけ足した 品種改良のバラもいいが 逆らえない運命として出会った 無垢な花が見たい NATURALLY/YOSHII LOVINSON #GPOSERS #ffxivsnaps #FF14風景
RT @e_l_222: 踊るエモ研究にて適当なとこでとめたら髪の毛直してあげてる彼女みたいでかわよだったやつ😤
@aquaNA_ffxiv アクアしゃん、ありがとうございます(ฅωฅ`)♥
@Chloett68 クロエ さん おめでとうございます㊗️🎉
@FFXIV74391715 そうなんです🤤 いつか着てみたいなぁ🌺🌺