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@Korrin45 @n8coombs @MLB Little Billy is just living his life.
@aubrey_huff @MLB May I say " Well Earned" God Bless!
@aubrey_huff @MLB I wish you would tell that to my accountant Skippy. Betting against you in 2012 would have made anyone rich.
My wife is a lifelong Giants fan. Favorite players...Wil Clark...Angel Pagan...Barry Bonds...Madbum and Aubrey Huff…
Bball: Larry Bird Football: John Randle Baseball: Aubrey Huff Hockey: Eric Lindross Soccer: That chick who took off…
@aubrey_huff @MLB You’re still bad at math.
@aubrey_huff @MLB I seriously loved that slap down. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
@aubrey_huff @MLB Why do they keep trying you Aubrey when you crush them every time?