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since the weekend is almost here i feel i should let you all know that babylon berlin is v good
@BookwormBlues BABYLON BERLIN and DARK.
@BookwormBlues It’s dark, but so fascinating: Babylon Berlin on Netflix.
Babylon Berlin、トレーラーが最高じゃねーの Babylon Berlin | Trailer
@muellep Hihi na gut Babylon Berlin war noch besser ;)
@espngolic if you can deal with subtitles or understand German, Babylon Berlin on Netflix is FANTASTIC!!
When COP Dean Rena Fraden binges on @netflix , this is what she watches. #babylonberlin
DARKだって日本のNetflixで配信しているんですよ?!BABYLON BERLINだって日本のNetflixで配信してくれていいんですよ?! たくさんの人が待ってるんですよ?!
attn: my co-worker won babylon berlin-bachelor twitter this morning
@lukashermsmeier Yikes. We've been binging "Berlin Babylon" and this is all getting a little too real
Have you been watching "Babylon Berlin", one of the most-watched German TV series and one of the best historical...