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Perhaps women should wear burkas on trains..sure that would help. (not). For a 'real socialist' it is a shame Mr W…
@PoliticallyAlt @nontolerantman They might as well be wearing burkas, since the girls are wearing the pants. This i…
@rejialex7 Lol....all 🌍 airports should send the men that wear skirta & burkas through that machine to check for bombs
@australian See the men wear burkas as well!
@theyahtzeenazi @nprpolitics Like I said, you're confusing freedom of religion with burkas. Liberals are pro-freedom of religion.
They're putting burkas on Statues, just to make twitter more confusing. #statues
@SteveNei2017 @nprpolitics in america burkas are a liberal idea conservatives don't get it either FYI
@theyahtzeenazi @nprpolitics Burkas are a very conservative idea, not liberal at all. You're confusing burkas with freedom of religion.
Burkas and broken oaths: complete the constitution
@BreitbartNews Burkas are the fashion now for statues? #1A #MAGA
@Thomas1774Paine The Dems are putting their relics in burkas. Women of USA, if Dems have their way, we r next!
@corybernardi ISIS bans women from wearing burkas after chiefs attacked by veiled assassins