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@SpanglyCaptain @SpanglyAgent *Realizing he'd overstepped some boundary, although not exactly sure which one it was…
This is d wade last season I’m gonna cry
Nah fam his son is 2-3 from entering league D Wade should wait for him that'll be dope
The fact that Dirk and D Wade are both about to retire next year just seems odd. 4 years apart in age..🤔
Is D Wade worthy of a farewell tour🤔🤔
I cannot believe D Wade is retiring after this season. You will be missed Flash ⚡️
D Wade #3 SG all time!🔥
One more of D Wade in the NBA! That’s crazy man! Let’s make a run this year Miami! #HEATCulture
D. Wade’s last season. Deng son.
RT @Pacade_: People better treat D Wade with the same going out party Kobe got. No 🧢
RT @Feds_watching_: D Wade gets a tour idc
RT @AlecSantiago10: The fact that we’re losing D Wade, a walking hall of gamer, and top 5 SG of all time after next season is actually very…
Dang not D wade 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
RT @IagoPacifico: o D Wade vai aposentar e metade do meu coração vai junto ta doendo demais desde já