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RT @Chelsea_HQ: ‘David Luiz is exactly what we need’, said some Arsenal fans when they signed him. Couldn’t agree more!
RT @EPLBible: Sokratis and David Luiz fighting over who’s the biggest clown at Arsenal.
RT @jamesbenge: David Luiz has given away two penalties in four games for Arsenal. He gave away three in 160 games for Chelsea.
RT @FootyHumour: David Luiz and Sokratis fighting over who is the biggest clown at Arsenal.
RT @UtdAlii: I'm crying man, Chelsea sold a finished Cech to Arsenal and then once he left they sold them David Luiz 😭😭😭
RT @oilysailor: David Luiz: 3 penalties conceded in 160 PL games for Chelsea 2 penalties conceded in 4 PL games for Arsenal Laurel, meet…
@Muh_irfan04 @Indo_Gunner David luiz masa nya udh berlalu, kyk petr cech, curiga luiz agent chelsea tahap 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣
RT @BrasilEdition: Damn, David Luiz can’t defend? We’ve only known that for half a decade.