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RT @TheAFCnewsroom: Unai Emery is trying to offload Mesut Özil this January transfer window and would like to replace him with James Rodrig…
RT @writelikeryan: A lot of y’all don’t know what healthy relationships look like (romantic or platonic) and it shows.
Plz don’t call Colton Papi #TheBachelor
RT @DopeLuxury: When she said “sis” that sent me over the moon😂🤣 Emery got CLOCKED 😂🤣
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RT @AriLetMeLoveYou: Literally no one: Emery:
RT @confused: shhhhhhh let em sleep
@BBCSport James would be a great signing for Emery! That’s only if Arsenal feed him the funds let’s be honest Arsen…
RT @ProudResister: Please keep wearing those red MAGA hats so we know to stay as far away from you as possible. Fear, bigotry and hate have…