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@fireman____sam get ur knees together shuffle them and flip ur arms like a squid
@fireman____sam shake ur knees and flip them hands bro
@fireman____sam Hru bro. And that’s goood I guess right?
@fireman____sam Hello. Any new injuries bro ?
@fireman____sam i ain’t see your public either bc i blocked you 🤣🤣🤣🤚🤚🤚🤚
Fireman Sam doesn't realise it's getting off my lawn! #MAGA
@fireman____sam Bro ik man I’m with u on this we had the same with maguire on Moday and he went on to score. Do you know that heartbreak??😭
@fireman____sam Ahhh inject it😭😭
@fireman____sam Things we love to see🥰
@CarolCityMG I haven't experienced that one. We get Fireman Sam, Paddington, Peppa or the Wiggles.
@KateSlaterPR @TyneBooks I bet that cake was the hot topic of conversation....Fireman Sam, flames, get it? Aw please yourselves, 😂
@fireman____sam Yh I tweeted about that too bro both pens
@fireman____sam About time ..... Jk you will be missed by some ...😂 إلى اللقاء