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@vekale75 @pandemoniosss De ese mismo soundtrack salió Kiss from a rose, que la cantaba Seal. La peor de Batman f…
George Clooney is beautiful Miley Cyrus is versatile Paul Rudd is artistic and so on
George Clooney Is The Greatest professional laser tagger Of Our Generation.
上がっていた写真がコラ臭かったのでネットで探してみたら他のアングル、他の瞬間が多く上がっていたのでコラでは無いと判定しました。 George Clooney & Barack Obama Hang Out Together in…
RT @KathyLette: In this time of fake news & lying leaders, finally there’s a cure for Rampant Dumbfuckery . Thank you George Clooney. https…
I will finally admit there are only two good things to ever come out of Kentucky: bourbon and George Clooney. I can…
@azsweetheart013 The lockdown hasn’t been kind to George Clooney.
RT @LisaMei62: George Clooney accused of sex act with ex-lover of Prince Andrew’s paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein – The Sun
@PillowWhisperer Must be nice if George Clooney bought a villa there.
Damat da tarz corc kluni (george clooney) Gelin de demet akalın (............)
RT @alexsmuc: @TwixAreTopTier stan Batman & Robin for George Clooney's performance as Bruce Wayne & stan TASM 2 bc the suit is good and th…
@LibiaMotta1 O George Clooney, o Daniel Craig, esos si son hombres.
O cara mandou umas fotos estilo George Clooney e pessoalmente ele é o Selton Mello. Golpe. #90DiasParaCasar
@chaoticstupid91 @ziwe don't forget George Clooney
RT @GScaravilli_: Hasta hace unos años George clooney y Antonio banderas eran la misma persona para mi