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@thekaceykasem No kidding... I mentioned drafting Chubb over Guice in a rookie draft and Guice blocked me. He wasn't tagged
@CKarayannides @dmac31145 @BallBlastEm i pumped guice all off season. we all know about pain in takes lol
Random but Derrius Guice was a bigger let than down than Josh Doctson to me
@john_keim if Guice not released, is he getting all these reps at RB? seems like he could help team at F? 11 personnel is no threat
@rtubman88 But imagine if Guice was what We had hoped He'd be.... Dude was supposed to be a homerun hitter, not a h…
@DC_Sports_fan I so wish we had guice back or peterson.
@rtubman88 YUP.... And as is Derrius Guice tbh.
Miami Lice officially give up on 2018 2nd overall pick Derrius Guice, handing him his walking papers. #1FL
Well I guess Derrius Guice’s workout with the Giants the other day didn’t go well
So what is derrius guice doin now?
If RBs keep getting hurt at this rate all my autodrafted Guice shares gonna be 🔥
@Tiller56 @JHawkChalk_ no offseason/no preseason AGG/Harmon missed time/injured Latimer/Guice episodes. Inman signe…
beli telor 1 kg di mirota kampus gejayan, kalo rabu diskon dari 19.500 jadi 16.000 saja.. sila dicoba guice.. janga…
I remember thinking it was Darius Guice when I heard the first part of the selection and for a half second I was li…