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Electra really can flip on a dime. And how is James van der Beek the shadiest bitch on this show? #PoseonFX #PoseFX
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Damn James Van Der Beek has a BOOTY!
@Bretontheradio That's a talking cat, right? Voiced by James Van Der Beek?
@garrymacl it kind of makes you want to punch James van der Beek..... even more than Dawson's creek. but god I love…
@RioJackDog Kinda looks like James Van Der Beek #dawsonscreek
El actor que hacía de Dawson (James Van der Beek), es de esas personas que ya parecen tener 30 a los 15 y 30 a los 40...
I never hear anything bad about James Van Der Beek as a person. Maybe he's just a good dude.
Me he visto Apartment 23 tres veces en todo lo que lleva la semana. ¿Obsesión con James Van Der Beek? ¿En dónde?
did i just tweet actual james van der beek to say hbd to shane? yes. yes i did. and now we wait
I hope James Van Der Beek picks me to hang w him at the Knicks game! #thisissomebullshit @garyvee @KFCBarstool
james van der beek is fucking funny without even trying
@phoenixbalcony omgggg vale!! pues entonces te tiene que gustar Apartment 23 porque sale james van der beek y hale de el mismo
@GCraftyCouture Why does Dick Grayson look like James Van Der Beek? IS that James Van Der Beek?
@JosephGalbo It kinda looked like that YouTube video with James Van Der Beek going against the other Power Rangers but cringy........