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Fletch maybe doesn’t need to be touched, but hypothetically if it were to be remade, here’s who should play Fletch:…
@kathia_woods I didn't Defend Jason Mitchell. You brought up his name. I mentioned Michael Jackson.
RT @JEFFBM: Next Chillin' stars the talents of: Mona Marshall @TheMonaMarshall Dave B. Mitchell @davebmitchell Jason Marnocha @JMarnocha
So mad at Jason Mitchell for being trash and f-ing up his career he is so talented 😭
@obrim_jr What your saying is a bold faced lie. There has been tons of outrage about those two. Are you defending Jason Mitchell ?
@KingWynn_5 It was Jason Mitchell the older brother Misconduct allegations. They let him go
Can never forgive Jason Mitchell for messing up the Chi
RT @No_Talking713: I really hate that Jason Mitchell fucked up and got kicked off the chi. He bodied this role as Brandon! His on screen r…
Done watching #TheChi and I'm so annoyed with Jason Mitchell 🤬🤬🤬 like he a good ass actor. Like wtf they bout to do…
RT @brucej220: Jason Mitchell really fumbled smh
For all of my The Chi fans: Since Jason Mitchell (Brandon) won’t be returning next season, how do you think the story will pan out?
I hope it actually comes back after the Jason Mitchell situation.
Why they had to shoot Reggie on The Chi😩And why Jason Mitchell had to be misconducting himself in real life🥴
The season finale of #TheChi has me all in my feelings. Damn, Jason Mitchell why did you have to go out like that?!