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RT @GetDaTables: Perfect heel turn. Nothing better than a heel Kevin Owens. #WWE #SDLive
RT @MATTHARDYBRAND: NEVAH trust a Kevin Owens. I’ve known this for years. #SDLive
RT @RussobooksNXT: Bro, Kevin Owens’ reason for turning heel is that he doesn’t want to share pancakes with anybody. This will inevitably l…
RT @MrBrandonStroud: when Kevin Owens says you can trust him as a friend
Why can't we have face Kevin Owens for a bit
Kevin Owens turned on the new day!?
RT @WWECritics: RT if you want to see Kevin Owens become #WWE Champion #SDLive
Kevin Owens, heel. Just as it should be.
@PWStream But for the record... I like this Kevin Owens better.
Kevin Owens could be the biggest babyface ever, the crowd just want to cheer for him and support him goddamnit!!!
RT @apolovaldes: Kevin Owens traicionó a Kofi Kingston y New Day