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@Lauren_number_s @SSBShupo don’t have to say anything, it’s np 😊
RT @YellowFlashGuy: I was curious, and counted Ren's tweets going back 23 hours (my phone wouldn't go back further). She posted 136 times.…
Hey babe @JVN, must admit you’re the Camila of the group. Ally = Bobby Tan = Lauren Antoni = Normani Karamo = Di…
Lauren Cohan... No necesito más para ver Whisky Cavalier ☺😍💓💕💕 #whiskycavalier @laurencohan @warnerchannella
It’s like a right of passage as a server to drop a bucket of ranch am I right? @TheLindiHop @lindseymaccc8
RT @hyobunny222: 📷 Han Hyo Joo graces with Polo Ralph Lauren collections for Bazaar Korea April Issue💫 🎯Twill Blazer and Straight Chino Tr…
RT @camrenworld96: Camila haciendo esos gestos mientras lauren canta dope es todo lo que esta bien!!!
RT @FreakyTheory: 3 Rules for a career - Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself - Don’t work for anyone you don’t respect and admi…
RT @ImThatGentleman: Phone calls at night >>>
3/20/19 hi i’m lauren and I can’t keep a layout for more than a few days
@famchamtrung @SSBShupo Im bad at response so ill just say thanks 💕
@lauren_bonham Same reason you have an amazing mom- because you deserve good ppl in your life. Just sayin.