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RT @Amandasofiia_: Lemonade Mouth está bien underrated...
37. meu maior crush de todos os tempos vai sempre ser o charlie de lemonade mouth
@tbynct lemonade mouth periode
só queria assistir lemonade mouth
It has come to my attention that Beyoncé’s Lemonade album is NOT her covering a bunch of Lemonade Mouth songs, so color me disappointed.
@DYKEMAZlEVE @CEOOFHANBROUGH @cloudyismoody omggg yeah I diddd then I found out there's apparently a lemonade mouth book?????
@DYKEMAZlEVE I’ve never seen lemonade mouth or high school Musical three but camp rock 2? How could you 💔
Someone watch lemonade mouth with me 😌
me sitting here thinking about how lemonade mouth got their name the same way that the Bratz did 👁👄👁
@MackkRavee234 @zbear1437 I think Chanel was my favorite character! Adrienne Bailon is amazing. I loved her in 3LW…
@MackkRavee234 @zbear1437 Cinderella truly is one of Disney’s best songs from any dcom, but have you seen Lemonade…