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RT @openculture: How to Memorize an Entire Chapter from "Moby Dick": The Art and Science of Remembering Everything
The Bible and Moby Dick are some of the best selling books of all time, don’t @ me
@moby_clit hm. lil of both probably
@Boringstein tru. but did it get worse or are we just jaded
RT @people: 15 Asian-American Rising Stars in Hollywood You Need to Be Paying Attention to
RT @Hliburutegia: En la exposición del ciclo #MobyDick en la @Hliburutegia tenemos este Moby Dick que nos ha prestado una usuaria. Publicad…
@moby_clit I'm definitely of the opinion it's gotten a lot worse in the past 5 years. Sofritos are still good there tho
A TRAGOS LENTOS - domingo 5pm de Moby Dick Teatro Santiago Nogales El lenguaje poético y la potencia de las imágene…
@earbox Moby Dick had wonderful folded promotional flyers - when you opened them, there was a pop-up whale inside.
Vintage First Day of Issue Postage Stamps, Herman Melville, Moby Dick, Ernie Pyle, World War II, Edgar Lee Masters,…
Why do people hate chipotle