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if i do a money heist the background music has to be one job by teamarr 😐
@Lolswhodis Ok so out of the shows I've watched the ones on Netflix are shooter, stranger things, queen of the sout…
@zeinabziba @niiiiiiiiiimaa Friends Game of thrones Pealy blinders Sherlock Breaking bad Hannibal Handmaid's tale…
money heist is fantastic
RT @tacitslumber: 200122 Ch+ Mino's Neflix List - Money Heist (Mino's most recommended) - Bird Box - The Good Place (Mino's favorite) - Str…
Berlin in money heist is a psychopath
preguntas de series: 1. 911/bll 2. Sex education 3. Money heist 4. FBI: most wanted 5. Barry 6. That’s so Raven 7.…
@Athabzz I just know I’m not going to like YOU. Seems like a lot of creepy stuff is romanticized. Money Heist yena kudala ndim zama.
RT @SympLySimi: Money Heist is incredible
RT @OmoIyaDammy: If you're a "Money Heist" lover 💏 This video will get you in your feelings 😥❤ RT for others to see ❤
I just finished the whole mofo series of money heist and iam craving for another fucking season SKSJSKSKJSKSKSKS
@TweetWixard I only watched one season of money heist so I can’t decide
Back Watching #NetFlix's Money Heist :) #MoneyHeist :)
@IceyYouTwigguh Now that I finally understand that you are watching money heist 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐