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@WatchesJess Fareal tho, women’s division needs a shot in the arm with new and exciting wrestlers, not seeing it th…
@5starmatch There are so many including Prince Pretty, Nikki Cross and Ember Moon but Sonya Deville is a great wres…
Reminder that Nikki Cross is so lovely and talented and deserves more. :(
Nikki Cross won an eight man tag with John Bradshaw Layfield with a rough ryder at no way out
@niknak_nikki @GoldenKnights Sore loser troll. To defend that dirty goon cross ck, followed by a throw down to the…
@TIMMMMATITS i think it will be bo dallas and nikki cross
Nikki Cross rumored to be in the Bray Wyatt storyline.
Fully onboard with Ember, Ruby, Nikki Cross, or Liv getting that MITB briefcase
Sami Zayn was attacked backstage by Nikki Cross with the mizard of oz on the preshow