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Oscar Pistorius, the younger years.
@alfreparede @ProfHoax Es como si Oscar Pistorius dijera que le ganen en una pista por la muerte de su novia.
@AndrewCFrancis But it’s not as bad as leaping into Oscar Pistorius. “Al. Al!!!!!”
@barneyronay @1an_Higgins Oscar Pistorius coming in at first drop
RT @StephenTries: Oscar Pistorius just tried to give me relationship advice. I said "mate, I don't think you've got a leg to stand on" He…
RT @mputailic: @matigary @daddyhope @ZimMediaReview @sure_kamhunga @TrevorNcube @ali_naka It's not turning courts into tv theaters but help…
Oscar Pistorius the rapper going by the name 🔪 Lem-en-Lem 🔪
@_GUE55WHO Oscar Pistorius.. ??
These texts from Reeva Steenkamp to Oscar Pistorius show that you cannot reason with a mad man. She’s overly invest…