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RT @Jacob_Rood: I have been CACKLING at this video for the past FIFTEEN MINUTES I am CRYING
RT @BASEDSAVAGE_: If you curved me I ain’t retweeting shit about yo missing cousin 🗣!
RT @sole24ore: Blog | Nel 2060 il Pil pro capite sarà di 40mila dollari l'anno (in tutto il mondo) - Info Data http…
RT @HEAVENS_staff: 本日10月20日は鳳 瑛二さんの誕生日です。おめでとうございます!エンジェルのみなさんへコメントが届いています。(STAFF)
RT @sosadtoday: we both knew i wasn't enough
@jennings_s Love you more 💓
RT @puzzelpersoon: nee ik kan niet afspreken ik ga in mijn bed liggen terwijl ik stress over dingen waar ik geen controle over heb
لو ما ختمت محاضرات البيوكميستري اليوم راح أفقع عيوني
RT @SugarButterSara: idk about u guys but this is how I’m processing Sara’s teasers
RT @ILPOPOLODITALIA: Jebrael sarà probabilmente la portavoce che il pd vuole per rappresentare l'Italia. Una straniera che ha disprezzato g…
ok @Kyliethesmiley found one of these in a chair at Cafe Victoria and I straight up thought it was a USB stick. 😂
RT @lrsabreu: Sara NUNCA decepciona, namoral!!!!
per fortuna magnus non sarà mai un mio ex.
@Doc_Dummy えええwどうしよう。 じゃあ全部本気で答えるか。 無理。