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There's a kind of desperation in this song. Its truly astonishing that she can capture that kind of feeling and tra…
@pritchawrd SIM kkkk, ler e mais tranquilo ate, mas escrever??? serio acho q e o meu ponto + fraco...
@mutdouble_38 외국 노래도 되나요?? 레이디 가가의 1000 doves 랑 sine from above용... 노래 추천만 할게요 함 들어보세요!!ㅋㅋㅋ
@fabbgrat Her sine from above without that old fatass serve is coming
When I was young, I prayed for lightning My mother said it would come and find me
@sine_from_above eu entendo a escrita um pouco mas meu deus de ouvir????? eu fico DESESPERADA pq só consigo entender as coisas muito basicas
@jada_sofia Sine from Above for the people wbk
RT @KeosPugliese: ¿Podemos declarar Sine From Above un himno gay?
@bottomfetus Nossa alguém já criticou free woman? Eu sou defensora de Sine From Above, n sei pq mas sinto ela injustiçada
Sine From Above is Chromatica’s Gypsy
I heard one Sine From Above