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RT @ConnorEatsPants: DID YOU KNOW GAMING: On the "Brinstar" stage in Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018), the ballsack in the background of the sta…
RT @MinajSociety: Rich The Kid talks about his Smash David produced collaboration “Not Sorry” with Nicki Minaj.見るの大変だから選手お気に入りとかしたい
RT @GARDENSVEIL: [ #P5 / #SSBU / #KIRBY ] // I realized I never posted this, but here's my full piece for a Smash zine I participated in by…
RT @t0nybgoode: In the queer community of color, y’all only support people you want to smash.
RT @Riddlesmk: I am excited to announce that I am now part of the @EvenMatchup team for smash ultimate! Excited to see what the future hold…
Favorite Smash Characters -PM Pikachu -Melee Marth -Joker -Melee Falco -S4 Falcon
RT @NebraskaPokken: Our February monthly will be next weekend! Tune in for the action!
RT @papaya_ex: We just met and you want to smash already? what if I’m possessed?
Katakirauwa from Megami Tensei would be a blast to play as in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!