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RT @BaileyReeves: is it acceptable to throw my phone away so i don’t have to deal with any of my problems?!
@Tonia_thepoet Same but me no fine
@JemimaOsunde @Tonia_abk Fineyorubatweeter_werreh_ni Daddy and mummy still waiting patiently for there grand child koh
@Tonia_abk Lmaoo check the thread 😂
RT @itfavela: Um monte de gente questiona porque eu falo de nutricidio no Rapbox... Essas pessoas vivem num Brasil paralelo em que as pesso…
RT @shebesamara: KHLOE KARDASHIAN HONEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? do you really think people are going to believe this isn’t surgery? 🤣🤣 “5 week…
@Tonia_thepoet What should i say now
RT @LaZairah: Why my niece got haters lmao 💀😂
@biloy_tonia25 Lechee ka tonia😂
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