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"Huaghhohroigh hhhugh haugh huagh hargharr, ough urrugh" - Tim Allen
"Harghhaugh, urrroigh hargh haugh hhhugh, arghrgh argh, arg ugh arrrrugh" - Tim Allen
"Harghharghhhhugh" - Tim Allen
@joelycett @SU2CUK You also look a bit like Tim Allen 😂
"Argurrroigh hargh arghugh hargh" - Tim Allen
@PennyPlays411 @alexsalvinews @OANN @IlhanMN Antifa could be classified as a terrorist org. As can the NRA. As can…
"Oughhaughhaughhaughughurrugh, rugh" - Tim Allen
@PennyPlays411 @alexsalvinews @OANN @IlhanMN The Tim Allen that "quoted" Don Jr's meme wasn't THE actor. But, yes n…
@thehmroid @alexsalvinews @OANN @IlhanMN Thank you, I think Tim Allen just said antifa is a terrorist organization…
"Rugharrrrugh" - Tim Allen
"Aughharghughhhhugh, ugghh roigh huagh, arrrrugh arrrrugh urrroigh" - Tim Allen
Warwick, you look like Wardick, I'm gonna hit you on the head with a box of Tim Allen.
"Oughhargh. Hoh ougharg roighharghroigharg haugh" - Tim Allen
"Arrghroighrugh" - Tim Allen
"Argurrroighhuagh hargh hoh hohurrroigh hogh? Hoghhoghrgh roigh augh" - Tim Allen