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@Cianaf Sooo... Another asterisk? Tuck rule, Vinatieri, McNabb puking, Carroll, Atlanta choke job and now this.
@RalphyNorton @DenBaskett @DWolfsonKSTP I think he meant Adam Vinatieri. South Dakota State.
RT @BostonSport12: It’s wild how many people act like Vinatieri never missed a kick in the playoffs. Was literally 1/3 on field goals in a…
@RealLennyJack @Nathan13231434 @Angels ive been a pats fan since vinatieri closed out the first so no, you're wrong...
@GregABedard @NathanZegura can’t wait to see where he thinks is a better choice... he’s no Vinatieri anyway... we’…
RT @SI_ExtraMustard: Adam Vinatieri when the Colts run a fake field goal
RT @SI_ExtraMustard: Adam Vinatieri when the Colts run a fake field goal
Oh fuck me....we’re never gonna see the end of this Pats bullshit huh? Once again a big fuck you to the security g…
@FtblSickness @BrendanLeister Vinatieri lasted 12 years after Belichek moved on (although he's inside a lot)
RT @JimIrsay: For (2) tickets to Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, retweet this tweet. There will be TWO winners, Abby's hatpick! #ProBo
@NFL @HarrisonNFL @Patriots @Saints @RamsNFL @Chargers Adam Vinatieri’s 55th Nfl Season??? What the hell?
@SkolSithLord We could have Adam Vinatieri kicking for us and I would still be queasy about a field goal try.
@flokubes @logansdad34 @TomPelissero Yeah, Vinatieri fell off big time after NE