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Pretty girl discrimination is a thing and the uglies love attacking me:’(
@what_the_yuli I’ve been dragged too much :’(
@_andreadurazno Lmao I love you 😂
Radio: when did you have your peak? Me out loud: I’ve actually had multiple peaks
@Hxs1315Santiago We stan a precautions king💘😘
RT @rod_dmz: There is a long history of Black rappers (esp. in the West Coast) showing us love. From Pac to Eazy E. They been about that co…
RT @ufc: Happy Birthday to the heavyweight champ 🏆 @DC_MMA!
RT @_jaaaayna: How you look at him after you just sucked the soul outta him:
RT @juliaalexiss_: Disney should make a cute lil boat ride for Tangled and have it end with the lantern scene 10/10 would ride the hell out…
@teyaeromero I’ma be in the dms like: hello sweetie:) what mansion will we be moving into so I can start packing my bags lmao
Like honestly I can’t believe my vulgar ass really attracted a MAN of that caliber. Somebody make a movie about me
I wonder if my Harvard boyfriend is still going to be interested in dating once he comes back to LA as he said he w…
@ChinaaMarinaa 😭</3333 lol