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why is christopher walken in this tv show
I've to say I absolutely love Christopher Walken โค๏ธ He's such an impeccable actor no matter how old he is
BREAKING BAD RECAST: Christopher Walken as Walter White, Daniel Kaluuya as Jesse Pinkman, Daniel Kaluuya as Hank, Jโ€ฆ
what is it w straight dudes and christopher walken impressions?
@MoreAndAgain A little generational/class and yeah. Like, I wanna have scrambled eggs with Christopher Walken, now,โ€ฆ
@BarbaraHamrick @otiosebellicose Now read it in Christopher Walkenโ€™s voice!
Christopher Walken as Emperor Shaddam Corino IV for Dune Part 2. Paul Mua Dib: Send those ships back, Emperor! Emโ€ฆ
@trengerkaffe "The Deerhunter" starring Robert Di Nero Christopher Walken, John Cazale, John Savage, og Meryl Streeโ€ฆ
i forgot christopher walken is in severance i was so shocked lmao
I wonder how they pitched this role to Christopher Walken. โ€œso, youโ€™re gonna play the most melancholic old gay manโ€ฆ
#AllStarTrek #distantvoices fun fact! Christopher Walken like to say it was his birthday when it wasn't really his birthday
Christopher Walken - I'm a millionaire - Poolhall Junkies via @YouTube โ€” How the Twitter neโ€ฆ