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#Uganda: President’s misguided #deathpenalty vow threatens a decade of progress
RT @Attika_t: #Vietnam - 2018 - No more death penalty for 5 offences? And those above 75 convicted of corruption who returned 75% of sum em…
RT @SophieFotiadi: [AFP] Une jihadiste allemande condamnée à mort en #Irak, une première #peinedemort #Allemagne
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RT @CMNEndtheDP: #SCOTUS heard arguments this week for #deathpenalty case in which the defense attorney said his client was guilty. The jus…
#Algeria: premier Ouyahia propone #penadimorte per narcotrafficanti
RT @SophieFotiadi: [Xinhua] Le chef de l'armée pakistanaise confirme la condamnation à la #peinedemort de dix terroristes
Should we do away with Capital Punishment? #deathpenalty
RT @ICADPin: Should we do away with Capital Punishment? - The Hindu
RT @srbijaprotivsk: Smrtna kazna u književnosti - Oliver Peč
RT @EJUSA: In at least 45 cases -- including death penalty cases -- the New Orleans district attorney’s office had evidence that could have…
RT @CMNEndtheDP: Duval County's Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee met to explore the role of #forgiveness and #healing in #Florida justic…