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RT @CAM_London: Huge congratulations to @jobson_jasmine for her well deserved Supporting Actress nomination in this year's @BAFTA awards. W…
wait y’all don’t like electricity. hello that’s the only valid b side from AM
how did it take me TWO HOURS to notice i misspelled alexa’s name omg
@cowboyfilms sorry i didn't see it sksjfksjs but the more you know 😔
not me watching alex chung's episode of beauty secrets w vogue for the third time in two days. ofc not
fwn has objectively the most sex appeal out of all am albums
@hidintonight NVM i didn’t know about miles’ bs i take it back 😖
@hidintonight this is valid but you know what. i gotta respect the hustle only one of us is a millionaire and unfortunately it's not me
the government really thought that if they forced people to pay rent they would... now you’re gonna have to deal wi…
legally obligated to watch the three minutes before tlsp’s performance of moonage daydream (live at terminal 5 in n…
@hidintonight wendy williams pills dot gif
i am a clam <3