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Boston under Mitt Romney & Deval Patrick fought Bulger Irish mafia; & reduced crime including murder; had no BLM ri…
@jeremysaffer He had the same speech writer as deval patrick and plagiarized him numerous times.
@kwelkernbc @JoeBiden @mikememoli The best person for the job would be @Deval Patrick. He’s a former Massachusetts…
@HawkkIts @realDonaldTrump @ronbeatyjr must Win in 2020! Because, Massachusetts governed by John Kerry under…
This is common on the right. Here in #mapoli - many conservative Republicans I knew called Gov. Deval Patrick a “ra…
Who's this Deval Patrick guy I keep hearing about?
RT @WeVote2020: Does anyone even like Deval Patrick?
Does anyone even like Deval Patrick?
@NlGHTPEOPLE CNN stole Tulsi Gabbard's town hall and gave it to Deval Patrick, and karma's a bitch. 🌺
What would Deval Patrick have to do to get parents to vote for him? 👎☕
on obama's centristism which is a political position ive always considered to be spineless
@StevenHarp_ you forgot Deval Patrick... and at one point, Eric Holder threatened to run for President.. all losery candidates.