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@StuBram2 @LBC Sorry frankie boyle didnt realise i was messing with a iron wit
RT @robgell: .@GeorgeMonbiot tellin' it like it is on Frankie Boyle's "New World Order" on 11th April. Bravo George.
@ChrissieGrech Frankie Boyle.
@ChrissieGrech Frankie Boyle please
@ChrissieGrech Noel Fielding as PM (we're done with loud mouths) with Frankie Boyle as Foreign Secretary. Russell Bโ€ฆ
RT @homelesshorse: Want: Frankie Boyle Will probably get: Jim Davidson
@TheScotsman Frankie Boyle
@ChrissieGrech Frankie Boyle obviously but if he's not available then Kevin Bridges or anyone Scottish
@ChrissieGrech Oh good choice. I'll go Frankie Boyle
Good choice. Iโ€™d like a Dara Oโ€™Brien / Frankie Boyle combo. With a โ€˜Big Yinโ€™ on the side.
Just went on facebook to wish someone a happy birthday, ended up watching over an hours worth of Frankie Boyle videโ€ฆ
@alinqot Didn't look that bad for us in that! As Frankie Boyle once said, When the ice caps melt & London is floodeโ€ฆ
@BasedElisabeth @backworldsman1 Im not offended, Im explaining that it doesnt help his image in this case when hesโ€ฆ