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I vote Gus Johnson for the comedy category of the @streamys #votegusjohnson
Watching a Gus Johnson, Eddy Burback collab commentary video when Im supposed to be sleeping is a risky play ngl
I was thinking put Gus johnson at the Monday night football spot but ion think people wanna hear that late night pu…
Is Steve Levy on Ambien or something? That was a big game! Treat it like one. You don’t have to be Gus Johnson, but show some excitement.
@thisisjrose I can't see or hear Brandon Stokely's name without thinking of that one Gus Johnson call lol
RT @BoersmaJackson: So grateful and excited to have received my first offer from Gustavus Adolphus College! Thank you @officialKelvinM and…
Bruh put Gus Johnson on MNF or something
RT @FakeRudyMartzke: Around the Dial: Fox Sports will have Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt on the call Saturday at high noon for Ohio State/Illi…
Whether it was college fball or tonight, hearing Griese on the color is just, nawl., for me. Gus Johnson was busy?
@jayevans813 Pay Gus Johnson to jump ship... best money ESPN spent in long time
RT @OrskiAndrzej: Zoot Sims & Al Cohn - Either Way (1961) Zoot Sims, tenor sax Al Cohn, tenor sax Mose Allison, piano Bill Crow, bass Gus…
RT @OrskiAndrzej: Frank Wess - Opus De Blues (1959) 3. Boop-Pe-Doop Flute, Alto, Tenor, Saxophone – Frank Wess Baritone Saxophone – Charl…
@espn @NFL Gus Johnson would of going absolutely crazy 😂 @espn y’all should invest.
@HansonO15 Gus Johnson tried to tell y’all. “World famous buckeyes”