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RT @Crhedrys: Someone is going to shoot these guys one day 😂😂😂
@iluvutorry Added u on Ig too
@iluvutorry Hey u gotta talk to God bout that. Everyone not able lol r can’t help how tall they are lol
@iluvutorry No I’m not 6’0 I wish
@D_HeartofaKing 6’0 ft?
RT @itsadamm_: my toxic trait is getting sad when someone doesn’t reciprocate the same effort that I put in because I will do anything and…
RT @JarjourSami: The greatest moment in NBA history 🤷🏽‍♂️
RT @kihoodrich: bra im weakkkkkkk
RT @TakeCarePT2: every time i think i found the one but they turn out to be exactly like the others
RT @Avery__T: This shot of Damian Lillard looks like the start of a hood movie.."well, guess you're wondering how I got to this point...wel…
RT @ownmytruth: Key and Jordan Peele’s Game of Thrones skit kills me every time.
RT @KalenKLew: 30 for 30 intro: "What if I told you that Russell Westbrook had me fucked up" -Damian Lillard
RT @pinkdreamsZ: “you gon’ see a corner sto to the left.. then bend the corner and go one mo block and then you gon see a big ass sign that…