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There are so few chefs (Paul Virant, Jason Hammel, Iliana Regan, Sarah Rinkavage, Paul Fehribach, Dave & Megan Mill…
December 12, 2014 For the 2nd time, the #Cubs sign free agent pitcher, Jason Hammel. He won 15 games for the 2016 Cubs World Series team.
@thecincyintake Take it or leave it, or spend $8 million on Jason Hammel.
I hate the Vikings offensive line more than I hated watching Jason Hammel pitch. Just pitiful for 3 years running
@bnicholsonsmith no. no they're not. they're going to outbid texas for jason hammel.
@paintingcorner Astros sign Jason Hammel to a 2 year deal, turn him into one of the best relievers in the game.
Help my bro with an assist, I’m Jason Williams
Leon Black (aka Laurence Leavy) and Jason Hammel
No, I think his role will be like Jason Hammel this year.