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@lasagna_dog Kevin, you are the sweetest❤️❤️
@shfqhlm @azharaizat Squad kau solid lagi bagi aku. Kevin Lasagna pun member beli eh. Kalau kat fm kena maki dgn scout mat hahaha
@lasagna_dog Same, Kevin. You're a doll.
@lasagna_dog We love you Kevin ❤️
@Kevin_1carball Quería ir a comer lasagna y no tenia nafta 😩
Other ones I’ve found but not 100% on yet are Borja Garces, Diego Rolan, Kevin Lasagna and Valere Germain
@PBPcalcio @NonEvoluto Quindi tra Jordi Alba e Mario Rui non c'è nessuno.. Ottimo, come dire non posso prendere Agu…
lasagna na naman🤤
@lasagna_dog Don't know you Kevin, but I'm going to follow you and I say I genuinely like you from this tweet.
@TheEDSShow @LK0rp @Janellias @thisisntxav 1) People think Italian soccer is purely defensive, but I’ve read Serie…
Prendetemi per scemo, ma io come riserva di Piatek prenderei Kevin Lasagna. Altrimenti bisogna andare a pescare all’estero