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Darren's overdone it with the Lynx "Africa" again...
So Iโ€™m in a cinema, itโ€™s SO empty - and a couple have save next to me and the guy has god awful hetty deodoarant onโ€ฆ
The whole of London smells like full bin bags, lynx Africa and pale ale right now.
Was feeling fancy and treated myself to this @MRNATTY shower gel. Smell like I've had a bath in Laphroaig. Why mustโ€ฆ
@eleanorrogers_ this photo smells of wearing your boyfriend's LYNX Africa
There's a haze of Lynx Africa hanging over the town, the heady scent of solvent abuse and Buckfast tonic wine...
I want to smell Lynx Xbox just to confirm it's not Dry Africa rebranded
i had to use lynx africa today and now i smell like a horny 13 year old boy... so no different from normal
The gym smells of Christmas and when I say Christmas I mean that bottle of unwanted lynx Africa you find in your stocking
RT @haqxe: @shak_n5 @kevandokht She defffooo uses lynx africa on her arm hairs
@shak_n5 @kevandokht She defffooo uses lynx africa on her arm hairs