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@sexyasthmatic Can you still get Lynx Africa? Was more of a Java fan tbh.
@ScotsmanSkinny Thanks for telling me the secrets of all men, gonna ask for Lynx Africa sets for Christmas now
@FrostyTonic Coz they basically bathe in lynx Africa 😂😂
@WelshEcon @ian5smith @hiutdenim @lynx Lynx Africa? Oxblood Dr Ms or a classic sand Desert Boot?
RT @BashaUhuru: Nando’s x Basha Uhuru celebrate South Africa’s world-class design at this year's Freedom Fest, through talks and creative w…
@SueJ1973 A fresh application of Lynx Africa 👌🏼
@sampi_martoo Omg the odour is palpable 😂 dick cheese and lynx 'africa' 🤢
Anna; the Lynx Africa of Islanders. Yawn!! #LoveIsland
@1984Mallon @MackemRealist What’s ‘Lesgue One’? And I always carry a can of Lynx Africa with me, just in case! 👍🏻👍🏻
@shooooon_ My manager has installed about SIX (6) in our venue and they all have different scents so if u sit too f…
@TheScienceVideo @ComedyTextings “Ohhhh it’s so cool” but when I do it with lynx Africa and a clipper lighter I get…
They’re gonna be offering Coutinho around for €23.00 and a Lynx Africa shower set by windows end.
@keegs The fourteen year old in me laughs, but the currently twenty-four year old gay me shudders whenever I think of Lynx Africa.
I have a theory that Lynx Africa is actually the greatest of all fragrances, and females lie & tell us its horrible…