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@bro_finance @MashElite Making your legs stronger would literally make you faster. What things are you currently do…
@RoryStewartUK Just think, if you were in the Lib Dem leadership race, you'd walk it. #nopunintended
@ZO2_ gunna miss you bro! Such an underrated player! A+ defense A+ basketball IQ! Good luck! Hope you ball out!!! #NoPunIntended!
@sherif_lanre getting kicked out for saying “cunt punt”. Really?! Seems fishy to me #nopunintended
Was Dave O’Brien aware that he just characterized Jerry’s deep nap as ‘R.E.M.’ sleep? #NoPunIntended #RedSox #NESN
This dude actually just pooped in the elevator...the shit you see in hotels is unreal #nopunintended