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@lostinthethorns Awesome. I’m happy it creeped you out—that means it worked! 🥰(I produced the audiobook and worked on the sound design)
@oodlesOFnoodles the intro!, i wasn’t expecting the as above so below whispering, 😂 i’m easily spooked hahah
@lostinthethorns The intro? Or the first chapter? 😉
RT @HachetteAudio: We're ECSTATIC for the Hachette Audio showing in the #GRAMMYs nominations this year for the #SpokenWord category. Congr…
@justjanuary CONGRATULATIONS, January! Incredible.
@mmpadellan Girl CANNOT move her mouth.
RT @mmpadellan: VOTERS ARE BEING PURGED IN GEORGIA. This should be a MUCH bigger story.
RT @RexChapman: This good boy — a victim of abuse — was refusing to eat. So the Veterinarian nursing him back to health decided to try a…
RT @jacobsoboroff: NEW: Trump White House killed deal to pay for mental health care for traumatized migrant children and parents it separat…
@meeses To be fair, these days as a customer service rep, if the customer ISN'T berrating and terrorizing you, they're "a nice customer."
@jfreewright @Acyn Awww...She had her big stack of prop papers with her and everything...
@oodlesOFnoodles I haven’t found ones that I like yet! Recs would be welcome 😊😊