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@ghostingari @singformybardi @ariioutsold You're biased with no actual proof. I can just say "Ariana payola and sym…
@PVoiced @liamhasthe1d @Camila_Cabello He can’t handle the truth tho 😂 I s2g this girl would be nowhere without payola and sympathy
this is so corny and interviewers need to stop. leave normani and lauren out of camila’s payola and sympathy. ugh.
@venominvasion @PerrysFetishs @roajosev @tswift13outsold Lmao , queen of payola and sympathy , let it sink in WBK 💀
@soldmorealbums Your list is full of sympathy and no payola because you were too nice you gotta be real with the folks
@DelicateBabylon @uscadillac Sympathy and payola because we just found out she’s only 15 😔☝🏻
@selfstandards But just think....if you beat me up I'd get a sympathy and payola fuck, and we see how far THAT gets you!
@beqaxxx @marwanali2002 @musicnewsfact @NICKIMINAJ The fact means ur btch is a stripper and use payola and sympathy…
Don't forget sympathy and payola