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Carlos is bringing the tacos, we’ve got the beer, and you’ve got the appetite 😋 Join us every Thursday for All You…
@ConanOBrien There's a better name?
@CNN I'm gonna miss all the yelling in parliament.
@tacosandbeer @CNN Yes they’ve made the right choice #maga2020
RT @mirandayaver: It's nice of the UK to be there to make Americans feel mildly better about the state of our politics.
@CNN The people have spoken and the people will have to deal with the results of their vote.
@TheDaveman316 @tacosandbeer @NateSilver538 So then whoever you support must just be that shitty of a candidate if…
@BryanHoch @MLB Nice, glad we kept the old man around. Yankee for life!
@AndrewYang Everyday you prove more and more why you're the only person who can beat Trump. I'm with you all the way Andrew.
@mashable Yea but the makeup people deserve an award for making Charlize look like Megan Kelly. It's creepy it's so good.
I dont want to hear any crying from conservatives when Democrats are back in power. You've made it clear that the p…
@tacosandbeer @ABC Chill Greta, chill = going after a child. Strong logic there
I hate that Thursday exists, it gets In the way of getting to Friday. End Thursdays #ThursdayThoughts
@GretaThunberg congrats! Hope you're having a chill day 😉
Find us next Monday at A&C Grocery Industry Night drinking beers and hanging out! 🍻🤘 This weekend we have On A Roll…