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@miNAJJyogirl @YaGirl2Pressed I read this and was like listen maynerr *Terrance Howard voice* you asking for a lot of brain power 😂😂😂
@Deen8 Damn, I was ready to talk like Terrance Howard mane
I will forever be happy that Don Cheadle replaced Terrance Howard as Rhodey. The dude embodies the character more i…
@WeaponizedRage I wouldn't be mad about having sen Terrance Howard dawn the suit though.
Terrance Howard was phenomenal in this role. I dont know if this is popular or unpopular but I miss him.
Terrance Howard is the War Machine we deserved
@UpToTASK war machine. into the war-verse with terrance howard lol
In an alternate timeline Terrance Howard is playing a hilariously mediocre Tony Stark.
Feel like terrance howard always playing the bad guy role