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RT @LilMaarty: Dawg this shit is hilarious 😂
All I want is to go and see Mumford & Sons.. is that too much to ask?😩
RT @marianaatencio: All Americans should look at this face tonight and think: ‘this could be my child.’ Thank you @jacobsoboroff @JuliaEAi
RT @taywildbruh: Turn your phone upside down 🤯
RT @Complex: I swear I thought this was water. 😭
RT @JohnWDean: Trump’s campaign. Trump’s transition. Trump’s inauguration. Trump’s presidency. Plus Trump & family. All are now under state…
@andijkts @KomisiIX @DPR_RI @KemnakerRI @MediatorHI Klu ada waktu kunjungi kami juga yg ada di timika yang sedang m…
Just watched the new episode of #Riverdale ... the show is setting Intense.. hope red will be okay!