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RT @enyipreshious: Omg this shit is real!!.. I can't even believe my ears👂 Comment or RT what you hear (Yanny or Laurel)
@TheView did I hear laurel or yanny from him, yes ?
@ananavarro @HurdOnTheHill @TheView he skated, laurel or yanny, yes ?
horses or hustlers was the original yanny/laurel
RT @CloeCouture: What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel
RT @FlyyDoesYT: What do you hear? Yanny or Laurel?
i literally hear that and the actual lyrics omg the new yanny or laurel
@charlielyne If you are sensitive to high frequency sounds, you’ll probably be a Yanny rather than a Laurel...
@KetchupSnowman The Yanny/Laurel thing or the different color dresses thing kinda proved that theory.
@__dotblake @ASpittel @chadloder It probably asks "Yanny or Laurel?" 8 times in a row
RT @Treysouls: Alright here’s a more clear version since everyone playing dumb. What do y’all hear? “Yanny” or “laurel”
se acuerdan de yanny or laurel JSHDSJKAJA
Within our brewery, we have a real laurel/ dress debate going with this label. Is it black, or is…