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@NoNameGirl8686 I was 8! By an uncle. Of course it makes a difference. Unwilling sex is rape! Period #noonebelievedmeeither.
@flyaway_k Now, three times fast!! Lol
@AsFixZeeUh Im thinking she feels the same. Which makes being apart even harder.
@Zeldaprincess I’ve definitely come to the realization that she means more to me than anything ever has.
@AsFixZeeUh I totally understand this.
@Zeldaprincess A few different reasons. Haha. It’ll be okay though.
@jaqs_the_ripper @UCLAKerim Blood! I’m happy to pick up followers as I go. If I follow someone and they don’t foll…
@AsFixZeeUh You didn’t like Taylor till recently. πŸ˜‚
@WholeLottaRosex I do agree. It’s awful! Twitter wants to do something hand these people over to the police!
agreed i’m in michigan to