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hi po kain na po😸 — luh HAHAHA ty ikaw din anon👋🏻
@loys_senpai Ikaw anon haaa kung pilingon man si ate Louie mas pilingon kaaa. OFFff
twitterやめる方法見つけたわ。 みんなスタプラをtwitterのように使えばいいんや!!
Mahal kita💘 — Yieeee buti pa ikaw anon mahal ako☹️
@memberyamaGUCCI クロムって何かと思ったらクロムハーツとかいうブランドなんだね なかなかいかついwww
@betabeet Yeah but you don't need to be a patron for that anon
My astrology says I can be a soldier...should I apply for the ROKMarines? 👀 — Shoot for the stars, Anon ;)
Fi amar kda? — Yes fi enta ya anon
@glxsofineee wow nag cc pa si anon HAHAHAHA