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How Ontario politicians avoided Quebec’s burka backlash: Cohn via @torontostar
RT @TarekFatah: Muslim women who wear the #Burka r "brainwashed by their cultish male family members" - Mahfooz Kanwar #BanTheBurka https:/…
Takže... Teď bude dát Okamurovi pěstí, když ho potkáte, trestný?
RT @TarekFatah: She dumped her #Burka along with her Husband. He came back to her disguised in a Burka and killed her.
"...verspiegelte Sonnenbrillen...ärgste Vermummung, schlimmer noch als Nikab und Burka, wo man wenigstens noch die Augen sah..." R.Menasse
RT @marinaelket: ‘The niqab and burka have nothing to do with Islam. They're the political flags of the Muslim Brotherhood’ #Bill62 https:/…
RT @TarekFatah: Muslim Men r forcing women to hide - Novelist @NazneenSheikh on Quebec's #Burka Ban in @TheTorontoSun
RT @nicoduretour: Tiens, un groupe musulman qui dénonce. Alez-vous le dire?
RT @BolzAndrea: @Manuel43259486 @dpomondi Es gibt kein einziges Argument FÜR die Diskriminierung von Frauen durch Hijab Kopftuch Burka. R…
RT @Boylers73: Great to see #Quebec standing up against backward misogynist practices #cdnpoli #bill62
RT @Quranic_app: Sexy Burka - Infidel, The Musical #sexyburka
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RT @socia1politica2: @hgracestewart Muslims can be any race. The scarf isn't a cultural tradition unlike the Niqab and Burka which is used…
RT @TarekFatah: Baby bursts into tears on seeing a woman in Burka | 2006 article about a Muslim woman's burka testdrive

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