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Title: GTA X - Empire City Author: Ima1 #Clexa
@levanartland Hey and I just saw that.. There are so many who loves you out there.. And I always love your baby cle…
@levanartland I want a fic of clexa from their childhood to lifelong 😭❤️😍😍❤️❤️
clexa and sanvers left me broken inside
Title: Clexa 2020 Author: Phoenix_Rises_Again #Clexa
RT @marvelbellarke: bitches be talking about bellarke this clexa that while failing school, bitch u worrying about the wrong 100
RT @enchantednico: we finally visited the clexa steps and i’d be lying if i said i didn’t cry 🥺♥️
RT @skygirledu: miren que aunque sea clexa amo bellarke igual pero como pueden apoyar a estas homófobas !!!!! una vergüenza compartir fandom
So I made a thread of some of my favorite ship fanfic videos. Reply with your favorite ship videos so I can gets so…